Command UNIX Script Parms

This portion of the license file contains the UNIX Script Parameters that would be passed to the UNIX Script or Executable (if any) when fired.

This can include any ClearCase and ClearTrigger defined environmental variables as well as hardcoded variables. Any environmental defined in this manner are evaluated before they are sent to the called script or executable. Multiple parameters should be space separated.

UNIX parm fieldexample
empty list; ;
single hardcoded parameter;development;
single environmental parameter;$CLEARCASE_USER;
single environmental parameter;$CLEARTRIGGER_OP_TYPE;
multiple parameters;sys_test development;
Passing program to interpreter (uses UNIX Script field);Perl;/net/machine/depot/;

Note: You do not have to pass either the ClearCase or ClearTrigger environmental variables in this manner because they are valid within the execution scope of the executed script called. You have access to all ClearCase or ClearTrigger variables for scripts, but this is useful is you have to pass to existing scripts or executables that you do not have the source code to.